Horny in Starbucks

Public arousal, thinking

Of you bent over the table

Pulling your hips down

Sliding your heat down my

Throbbing shaft, hands

Clawing your back, growling

And howling in pleasure and need

Pumping your hips up, down

Forward back, round and round

Till your trembling and drenching

My thighs.

Sitting in Starbucks so horny

For you, beneath the table

Stroking through slacks



A black heart is merely a heart full of experience.

Darkness is a sacred place,

where only the brave dare to tread.

Where demons fight over scraps

Of lost souls. But you and I,

My queen of the damned,

See the dark as light, home and safe harbor.

Our moans of pleasure rise to meet

The cacophony of devils all around.

In darkness we were born,

In the night we shall live

Our sacred space.

Goddess of the Night

Take my hands unsure goddess

Let my grip give you assurance

Come with me pale lady,

I shall take you places

You never thought to go,

Put this o’er your chocolate eyes,

Let my touch guide your bare feet,

My guidance is for your pleasure,

Allow me this honor.

A gentle kiss on trembling lips,

Excitement in your finger tips,

Lay you down on golden field,

Your flesh mine for the morning,

Lips trace heat along your foot,

The pathways of your ankle,

The gentle slope of calf,

Muscled warmth of bare thighs,

Allow me this pleasure.

Deft fingers parting lips, tantalizing

Breaths on bunched nerves,

Relief and tension become one,

Tongue returns on journey’s course

To bring you to that promised land

Flitting feverish around your flower

Til your nectar I might devour,

Breathless cries, heated sighs

Escape your perfect lips,

Virile spear, caressing softly

Betwixt lotus blossom,

Back and forth til my own nectar

Drips on stomach flatter than the plains,

Gasp rising as the sun to heat my heart

Inside, inside your harbor I fly,

Slowly and steady as the drum

Pounding of your heart.

Skin to flesh, we become one

In throes of desire you have arrived

My Goddess of the Night.

Let me be

Let my arms give you strength

My love, when you’re legs

Wobble in weakness,

Rely on me, I’ll be your support

When you can’t but stumble

Beneath life’s heavy burdens,

Like a new born doe,

Your joy and peace is shaky

But by your side I’ll bring you safety.

Beloved, let me be your strength.


There’s a darkness to you,

Intriguing mystery, fascinated

By your curly mane

And darkly shaded eyes,

Lips begging for an evening of

Kisses, hands tangling in hair

Pulling face to mine

Lips so soft, tongue warm

invasion, flicking for dominance

Breath warms my face, and I’m

Drawn into your allure,

Abandoned all sense, forgotten all

Reason, until all that is

Beats between us, joy and

Uncertainty, your hand in mine

Just feels right.

Restless Soul

The loneliness sets in some days,

like the clouds building over the horizon

Sun’s shining one instance, the next

darkness hovering thick and deep.

When legs won’t move without effort

and heart barely beats in battered chest,

when eyes grow heavy under cares’ weight,

I look for you, my love, yet cannot find you.

Come, come to me, and still my restless soul.

Hot Water

Heat washing over us

Steam rising around us

Fire blazing between us

You’re pressed hard against

The water soaked wall

Hands above head,

Wrists held tight

Lips on lips, possessive

Kisses. Mine for the moment

Wild and needy, our bodies

Grind, burning passion

Aching shaft twixt slick

Thighs, wanton lips embracing

Feeding my desire,

Lifting leg, hand grasping thigh

Slipping head inside slow, then

Deeper, water splashing, breasts

Bouncing, fucking harder, faster

Release approaching. Nails clawing

Back, pleasured curses escape

Your naughty mouth, shuttering

Gaspihg breaths. Now to get clean.


In garden fair, coils ancient beast Δρακων, serpent–dragon–guarding precious fruit. Legend fails, to reveal the revel amidst the stands, of full-ripe harvests, of breasts swollen in the flower of nubility. The dragon guards, his buxom harem, while sowing his wanton seed between those olive thighs, … Continue reading Ladon


Bare chest gorgon
Gorges on stone hard cock
Serpent’s fangs trailing o’er
Veined muscle, forked tongue
Swirling feverish round seeping
Tip. Venomous hair striking stomach,
Thighs, lust feeding hunger, flesh
The price of this mythical liaison.
Sucking, piercing, semen filled mouth
Hero’s final pleasure afore
Θάνατος overtakes him.

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